Donate for causes that matter in your society.

Some Campaigns

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You want to fundraise? Follow the steps below.

Sign up with Yukudemy 1

You only need an email to create an account with Yukudemy.

If you are going to create your donation links for an organization, remember to use Organization email.

Click to sign up now.
Sign in at Yukuwallet2

Now, sign in to your payment wallet using the account that you just created

Once you have signed in, tap on the side menu and choose merchant.

Click to sign in.
Apply for merchant account3

You can now go ahead and apply for merchant account. You will be asked a few questions and asked to submit some documents especially if you registering as an organization.

Now what? Now wait for your application to be reviewed. The approval or decline happens within 24 hours.

Once, your application is approved, you can go ahead and create as many donation pages as possible for the causes that matter to you, and collect money from well-wishers.